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Pam's Pepper Jams spice up your hors d'oeuvres and meals. Flavorful jams work as a grilling glaze, appetizer spread, breakfast item or stir fry sauce. The flavors range from Medium (more sweet than spicy) to hot-hot-hot (Ghost Peppers).

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Meet Pam - creator of Pam's Pepper Jams.

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Our Jams

Our Jams

We have five flavors made with different types of peppers and fruits.

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Attention Store Owners!

Attention Store Owners!

Contact our wholesalers to order Pam's Pepper Jams for your store.

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Pam’s Jammin’ with Peppers

Pepper jam is most commonly known as one of the tastiest, and easiest, appetizers you can serve; just spoon over brie or cream cheese, insert a spreader knife, place crackers on the side and walk away…your guests help themselves. Easy!

What’s not as commonly known is what a terrific glaze pepper jam is on pork, turkey, ham, salmon, beef, lamb, wild game…just to name a few. It’s also a flavorful addition to sandwiches, pancakes, waffles, salads, and as a “normal” jam, spread on toast, bagels, and English muffins. We’ve got great recipe ideas for other surprising ways to use pepper jam.

In response to numerous requests for a much spicier pepper jam, we have created a NEW FLAVOR, Ghost Pepper. For those not familiar with Ghost Pepper, it’s the name of an actual pepper, a very hot pepper. Although Ghost Pepper jam is far from being “Minnesota Hot,” it’s not just hot, it has a great flavor. It’s receiving fantastic reviews from people who like a nice “kick.”


In addition to Coborn’s Delivers, Coborn’s stores now carry Pam’s Pepper Jam…the Raspberry and Hot flavors! You can find it  on the “Minnesota Made” display location in individual stores.  Thank you Coborn’s and select Cash Wise stores for supporting local businesses! Visit the “Retail” section for a complete list of stores.

Five blends of Pam’s Pepper Jam

  • Medium – A more sweet than spicy jam with just a hint of tantalizing jalapeno flavor, the mildest of the four.
  • Raspberry -Combines the vibrant fruit flavor of sweet raspberries with spicy jalapenos, along with just a smidgen of habanero peppers.
  • Blueberry – The same subtle spice level as the raspberry but with the richness and beauty of plump blueberries.
  • Hot – The addition of a few more habanero peppers adds just the right amount of spice that still allows you to enjoy the great flavor.
  • NEW Ghost Pepper – The perfect pepper jam for spicy-lovers. A bold flavor with a satisfying after-taste; but it won’t take your head off!

Please check back for future updates not only where you can find the new Ghost Pepper, but also for updates on new stores. If Pam’s Pepper Jam is not carried at your favorite store, and you would like it to be, please let Customer Service, or the Grocery or Store Manager know you would like to see Pam’s Pepper Jam on their shelves. Many stores offer Pam’s Pepper Jams because of your request….thank you!

Rave Reviews

Pam, I’m Megan’s friend and I recently ordered a case of jam from you. She got me hooked when she gave me a jar a few months ago! I just have to say, it’s amazing! Iv’e had other pepper jams before that I thought were good, but one taste of yours and WOW! It doesn’t even compare to the others out there. Can’t get enough of it! I just wanted to thank you and let you know how wonderful it is! ~ Ginger, MN

Aaron and I are in LOVE with your blueberry pepper jam. It is absolutely amazing! We also brought some raspberry pepper jam to a BBQ and our friends went nuts for it. And then we brought some medium pepper jam to a party last night with crackers and cream cheese, and those friends went nuts too! So, just so you know, everyone loves your jam!     ~ Kelsey

I have been eating Pam’s Pepper Jam before it became famous and no one makes Pepper Jam like Pam. I remember the first time I ate her jam it was with cream cheese and crackers – so easy and so delicious!! I use her jam on sandwiches, meat and as a marinade but crackers and cream cheese are still my favorite way of eating it. I give Pam’s Pepper Jam as a gift to everyone, I even used it as a party favor at my wedding!  ~ Rhonda

Pam’s Pepper Jam is truly amazing! My family LOVES this jam. I often put Pam’s Pepper Jams in gift baskets. So nice to find something locally made that is so very delicious! I recommend all the flavors, however, Blueberry is my personal favorite. Try it, You’ll like it!  ~ Kathy

This is by far the best pepper Jam you’ll experience. Great texture, wonderful flavor use as an appetizer, serve with pork, fish, chicken, it’s amazing, you won’t be disappointed. Makes a great gift!  ~ Linda

This pepper jam has the perfect combination of heat, sweet and tart. Add cream cheese and it is a perfect snack. It is a perfect gift for any occasion. When served at a party, everyone wants to know where it comes from. ~ Rosanne

This is hands down the best jam (jelly?) I have ever tasted. I have been a big fan of Bon Maman jelly (jam?) for a while; but in comparison it’s flavor is one-dimensional. This jelly has a very complex palate which is a beautiful balance of sweet, sour, and spicy. Neither one of those flavored overpowers any other. I just spread this on some toast and it was difficult to stop eating it! Strongly recommend this exquisite product.  ~ Bobby

Loved this Jam, we first had it with grilled pork…. but guess what, I’ve had it with omelet, toast, crackers and cheese. It is delicious, fresh and wholesome. Finished the whole bottle in a week. If you like a little sweet zing in your food, this is the product for you. I will be ordering this again. ~  Jolly

When you first see the product you might be a bit wary because you can see the seeds and small pieces of the jalapeno, but fear not, the fruit (we did the raspberry) round it nicely. It really is a jam (sweet). We started by taking some of the jam and using as a wet rub on the chops and let it sit in the refrigerator for a few hours. We then grilled the chops on some direct heat to seal the outside and then indirect heat to finish cooking thru. Flavor had some nice heat to it but not over powering (Minnesota friendly) and the raspberry gave it a nice finish. We also served some of the jam on the side so guest to kick it up if they wanted. That was a total hit. Cannot wait to use it on my grilled pineapple.   ~ Michael

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